Street Furniture Ads

out of home street furniture adverisingout of home street furniture advertising
Street furniture media lets brands get up close and personal with city dwellers as they move about their day, whether on foot or behind the wheel. Perfectly positioned to engage at eye level, these media include bus shelters, kiosks, bike shares, urban panels, and metro lights.

These street furniture advertising media formats give advertisers a presence in high-profile, high-traffic, high-demand urban areas like Times Square and can be utilized to provide broad-based coverage or specific neighborhood targeting in popular markets like New Jersey.


Recall Street Furniture - Most people who notice out of home recall street furniture media.
TGI, 2020


Bought Immediately - Nearly a quarter of those who made a purchase after exposure to street furniture did so right away.
TGI, 2020


Visited a Store - Street furniture has driven two in five people to visit a store to purchase a product.
TGI, 2020


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